Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review: Arrow 2x09 "Three Ghosts"

Original air date: Dec. 11, 2013

Alright, so here it goes.  As sophisticated a review as I can write while I am internally screaming about everything that happened this episode.  I’m going to take a deep breath and hope that fangirl feels don’t come tumbling out.  No promises.  Winter hiatus is going to be a bitch.  That I do know for sure.

After the cliff hanger from last week we find a dying Oliver and a very surprised and confused Barry.  Being able to think quick on his feet (was that a pun?) Barry uses rat poison to return Oliver to normal.  Well as normal as Oliver can be, he seems to be having a little bit of issues with some hallucinations.
This episode was very much about Oliver dealing with his inner demons, actually more like ghosts.  Three ghosts to be exact.

Three ghosts at Christmas? That’s crazy talk for sure, but just like Ebenezer Scrooge, Oliver finds himself visited by three ghosts.  Except instead of asking him to visit past, present and future Christmases they instead have very different messages for Oliver.  Shado asks Oliver to give up his fight before he loses those he cares most about.  Slade accuses Oliver of causing death and destruction in his wake.  Then Tommy (and no I was NOT crying.  I just had a best friend caught in my eye) tells Oliver to get up and fight because that is who he is, he is a hero.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: Arrow 2x08 "The Scientist"

Original air date: Dec. 4, 2013

Now, that’s how you introduce a new character.  As I’m sure y’all all know, Arrow gave us a small preview of Barry Allen aka The Flash.  Later he’ll have his own pilot on the CW network but for now this was a great start. 

Barry Allen, the titular 'Scientist' (Grant Gustin), shows up in Sterling City this week.  He’s investigating a break in at Queen Consolidated’s applied sciences division.  The act of a single super strength man, but that could hardly be possible, right?  Well, Blood finally has a super solider and plans to use him to gather supplies to make himself a few more.  He plans on using the same serum that Oliver come across during his island years on the War World II Japanese submarine.

Moira is back from prison, but besides her family no one else is all too happy to have her back.  Isabel doesn't want her at the company.  When Oliver tries to throw her a lavish party, no one shows.  Merlin continues to threaten her, insisting she tell Thea the truth of her parentage.  After everything though, Moira isn't afraid anymore.  She calls upon probably the scariest person she could have, Ra’s Al Ghul.  The only person she’s sure will frighten Merlin into leaving Thea alone.  Ra's Al Ghul isn't too pleased with Merlin after the Undertaking.  That was kind of a no-no on Merlin's part. 

Review: Supernatural 9x09 "Holy Terror"

Original air date: Dec. 3, 2013

I was instructed to text my friend as soon as I finished watching this episode.  She was a miserable mess of feelings and wanted to make sure I was right there with her.  As she predicted, I was.  Now I think most of us all expected that Ezekiel wasn’t who he said he was.  I was still clinging on to the hope that he was Lucifer and we were going to get a glimpse of Endverse.  A fallen angel was using Sam as a meatsuit, Cas was human… all we needed was Detroit and we were in business, but I guess that was just wishful thinking on my end.

The angels are engaged in yet ANOTHER civil war.  Can’t we all just get along? I swear sometimes I think the demons get along better than the angels do.  So we’ve got Bart and his followers battling Malachi, a new up and comer, for power.  His name being Malachi reminds me of the evil kid from Children of the Corn, which probably means he’s seriously bad news and a little bit out of his mind. 

Sam and Dean jump on the case to see what’s going on and meet up with Castiel.  He’s playing human FBI agent and it was the best thing ever.  I had to press pause because I was giggling like a school girl, dancing in my chair, and basically missing everything that happened after Sam patted Cas on the shoulder and called him Agent.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Review: Once Upon a Time 3x09 "Save Henry"

Original air date: Dec. 1, 2013

On one hand, okay I think we all pretty much saw most of this episode coming.  On the other hand, oh man next week is going to be fun.

When we left off with the show two weeks ago, Pan had just convinced Henry to give up his heart.  Even with his super awesome new heart Pan isn't all fixed quite yet he still needs some time to recharge.  So he runs away to his Thinking Tree in the Pixie Woods.  Instead of an extensive battle that could have spanned multiple episodes, Regina shrugged, claimed “NO REGRETS!” and ripped out Henry’s heart from Pan’s chest.  Done and done.  With the heart and Pandora’s Box everyone jumps aboard the Jolly Roger and set sail for home.