Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sidenote: Small Remodeling and New Links

If you take a look up at the menu bar, you will see I put it on a slight diet.  All the pages are still there, but in efforts to streamline it a bit they can all be found under their respective tabs.

The "FAQ" and "What I'm Watching" pages are now under the "About" Section.

You will also find a new twitter link listed under the "Links" Section.  There you can not only find the Telesized Tumblr, the Official Telesized Twitter, but also my personal Twitter account.

There you can find updates on what I'm watching and random TV thoughts either too mean or too random to include in most reviews.  It's like Christmas but with more... me.

Don't forget to follow the Telesized tumblr, where I post "Quick Bits".

During a week I watch many shows and only a few of them get full reviews.  Some of the shows that I seriously love but just don't have time for a full review get "Quick Bits", which is basically a short list of my favorite scenes and a few observations from the episode.

That concludes my Sidenote for now.  So now I take you back to your regularly scheduled programs.

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