Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: Supernatural 9x10 “Road Trip”

Original air date: January 14, 2014

We begin with a heartbroken Dean picking up the pieces of the midseason finale.  After watch Dean give Kevin a hunter’s funeral, if you thought this episode was going to end on any kind of slightly better note, you were wrong.

Gadreel is on a killing spree, crossing off the names that Metatron keeps assigning him.  His old prison guard, his best friend, and so on and on. 

Castiel (who is looking very Captain Sexy-esque in his new angel ware) suggests Dean uses Crowley to try and get through to Sam.  Crowley knows how to hack an angel and this might be their best bet.  As Sam is the only one who can press the eject button on Gadreel’s ass.  Crowley has a few condition first before he’ll agree to help, they have to essentially take him out for walk around the park. 

They decide to take Cas’s car since he’s still driving and Gadreel stole the impala.  Which I’m sure is indicative of the fact that he’s not completely comfortable being a fully powered up angel quite yet.  I would also like to point out, like many have already, that it is now canon that Cas listens to rap music.  Crowley leads them to one of his resources who can help them find where Gadreel might be.

While speaking with his contact Cecily he discovers that he still has a shot at gaining control of Hell again.  Abaddon might be the mighty warrior and a Knight of Hell, but Crowley is the cool Dad who lets his demons stay up late and eat ice cream for dinner.  It’s not a war, it’s a custody battle campaign. 

Crowley is able to put his mad angel hacking skills to work and not only discover Zeke’s true identity but is able to find a way in.  Castiel can’t possess Sam without his say so, and that leaves the only demon in the room.  In exchange for his freedom, he’ll jump into Sam’s mind and give him the code word to wake up and expel Gadreel.

Favorite bits of the episode?
  • Cas’s smug face when Dean told Crowley he had to sit in the back.  Don’t even get me started on Dean’s Dad voice when the angel and the demon children started to act up. 
  • Cecily’s fangirl reaction to Castiel.  I mean she told no lies, something extra hot about feathered Castiel in comparison to human Cas.
  • Cecily.  She was smart, fun, and she genuinely loved her job and was excellent at it.  She said “easy peasy”.  I liked her.  I also loved that Crowley found her ‘play both sides’ attitude amusing and then I was furious at the writers for having Abaddon kill her.
  • The Dean and Castiel talk in the hallway.  “Less dumb. Less ass.”  They've needed each other to lean on this season and now they can finally have that again.
  • “Did I kill Kevin?” “No. YOU didn't, he did.” Can we talk about how even the (former-ish) King of Hell had to tell Sam that somethings are not his fault and to stop being so hard on himself. 
  • “You need to take control Sam. Blow it up. Cast the punk ass holy roller out!”
  • I’m such a flip-flopper, because I had not previously been a fan of Tahmoh Penikett's other work but I was so excited to see him pop back up.  He’s pretty perfect as Gadreel.  Jared’s been amazing, but I’m glad to have just Sammy back.
  • “I’m dead. Yes I know. I love you too.” Oh Crowley, you flirt. 

In conclusion:
Crowley is passing out "Vote for Crowley" buttons and putting up campaign posters around the world.  Finally, that last scene made my heart hurt.  Dean leaving Sam because he doesn't want to drag people down with him.  It just hurts.  He's left so many people behind in order to "save them", but he can't carry the fate of the entire world on his shoulders alone.  He needs to realize that he doesn't drag anyone into this life.  They choose to stay with him and to follow because they believe in him. 

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