Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: Supernatural 9x09 "Holy Terror"

Original air date: Dec. 3, 2013

I was instructed to text my friend as soon as I finished watching this episode.  She was a miserable mess of feelings and wanted to make sure I was right there with her.  As she predicted, I was.  Now I think most of us all expected that Ezekiel wasn’t who he said he was.  I was still clinging on to the hope that he was Lucifer and we were going to get a glimpse of Endverse.  A fallen angel was using Sam as a meatsuit, Cas was human… all we needed was Detroit and we were in business, but I guess that was just wishful thinking on my end.

The angels are engaged in yet ANOTHER civil war.  Can’t we all just get along? I swear sometimes I think the demons get along better than the angels do.  So we’ve got Bart and his followers battling Malachi, a new up and comer, for power.  His name being Malachi reminds me of the evil kid from Children of the Corn, which probably means he’s seriously bad news and a little bit out of his mind. 

Sam and Dean jump on the case to see what’s going on and meet up with Castiel.  He’s playing human FBI agent and it was the best thing ever.  I had to press pause because I was giggling like a school girl, dancing in my chair, and basically missing everything that happened after Sam patted Cas on the shoulder and called him Agent.  

Then to round everything out we have Metatron being a manipulative little sh*t.  He recognizes Ezekiel’s true self, Gadreel.  He’s actually just a misunderstood angel, who is looking for a way to fix his past mistakes.  It’s so Sammy adjacent it hurts.  He was in charge of the Garden the day the serpent entered and brought sin to the Humans.  Metatron pounces on Gadreel’s guilt and regret and convinces him to help him.  He promises together they will restore Heaven to its former glory.  Which of course, was Metatron’s plan all along as he is now in prime position to become Heaven’s new ruler, the new god, and he gets to decide who gets into Heaven.  

Favorite bits of the episode?
  • Castiel, Sam and Dean all going out for beers together.  After one beer and Cas is smashed.  The cutie, I couldn’t stand it.
  • Castiel’s back y’all!  Which is perfect, because boy does Dean need him. 

Bits of the episode that left me a ball of emotion on the floor?
  • Kevin dying.  Not cool.  Not cool!  I imagine his Heaven to be him and his girlfriend studying for the SAT's while his mother pops her head in to check if they want snacks.  Kevin Tran AP Student, you will be missed. 
  • Gadreel.  He reminds me so much of Sam.  He just wants to do good because he regrets something that from his past that arguably wasn't his fault.  I hate you show, for making me feel bad for an emotionally blackmailing, lying angel such as Gadreel.  I just can’t watch Metatron manipulate another angel into doing his dirty work for him.   
  • Yet, Gadreel walked off with Sam’s meat suit and killed Kevin.  He’ll face the wrath of the Winchesters soon enough.  A part of me almost feels sorry for the little angel. 

In conclusion:  Chuck needs to step away from his skee ball and come send Metatron to Heaven’s dungeon without any of his books.  Castiel is a lightweight and I’ll never get over Kevin Tran AP Student.

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