Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: Arrow 2x08 "The Scientist"

Original air date: Dec. 4, 2013

Now, that’s how you introduce a new character.  As I’m sure y’all all know, Arrow gave us a small preview of Barry Allen aka The Flash.  Later he’ll have his own pilot on the CW network but for now this was a great start. 

Barry Allen, the titular 'Scientist' (Grant Gustin), shows up in Sterling City this week.  He’s investigating a break in at Queen Consolidated’s applied sciences division.  The act of a single super strength man, but that could hardly be possible, right?  Well, Blood finally has a super solider and plans to use him to gather supplies to make himself a few more.  He plans on using the same serum that Oliver come across during his island years on the War World II Japanese submarine.

Moira is back from prison, but besides her family no one else is all too happy to have her back.  Isabel doesn't want her at the company.  When Oliver tries to throw her a lavish party, no one shows.  Merlin continues to threaten her, insisting she tell Thea the truth of her parentage.  After everything though, Moira isn't afraid anymore.  She calls upon probably the scariest person she could have, Ra’s Al Ghul.  The only person she’s sure will frighten Merlin into leaving Thea alone.  Ra's Al Ghul isn't too pleased with Merlin after the Undertaking.  That was kind of a no-no on Merlin's part. 

The episode ends on a cliff hanger that has me gripping to the edge by my finger nails.  Oliver goes after the super solider, but finds himself defeated by a poison.  Felicity and Diggle have few options.  Neither of them know what the poison is or how to save him.  It’s either watch him die or reveal his identity to the public.  Felicity has a third option, however.  She call Barry.

Favorite bits of the episode?
  • Barry.  Barry Allen.  I loved everything about his introduction, the rain, his scientific magazine shielding him from the rain, his sneakers, and his adorable awkwardness.  His theme that played multiple times throughout the episode was cute and playful.  I even replayed the scene with him asking about the vigilante twice.  His excitement at the color green, it was too difficult NOT to rewatch it.  I can say without a doubt right now, I will be watching when his pilot airs.  The episode made him so lovable already, that I’m all in for an entire series focusing on just him.
  • Felicity and Barry.  As a pretty dedicated Olicity shipper I didn't expect to like where they may be going with this, but it was too cute to resist.  It was like love at first science.   Oh and did I sense some jealously on Oliver's end? No? Just me... okay.  
  • Oliver’s youngin’ jokes at Barry’s expense.  “Do your parents know you’re here?” followed by later in the episode a crack about him being carded at the bar.
In conclusion: Don’t mess with Queen women, they will call your scary boss on you.  When you tell Felicity to avoid awkward situations she’ll end up jumping into them head first instead “I was instructed not to mention prison, to avoid an awkward situation *awkward pause*”.  There is nothing more adorable then nerd love. 

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