Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: Hart of Dixie 3x03 "Take this Job and Shove It"

Original Air Date: Oct. 21, 2013

When I first began watching this show back in season one the only thing that kept me watching every week was Zoe and Wade.  So it’s a little of a surprise for me to be sitting here typing this review/recap and wanting to type that I am so glad that Zoe and Wade have been put on the back-burner, at least for now.

Tonight’s episode centers around Zoe trying to find a way back into her practice with Brick.  She resorts to hanging around town giving people random medical examinations while they eat their supper.  Zoe has a two pronged approach to trick Brick into inviting her back into the practice. That’s the southern-Bluebell way she claims.  Everything backfires however as Joel, not used to Bluebell’s shenanigans, ends up preventing Zoe's plan but also from practicing medicine in Bluebell again.  George finds himself tutoring Lavon’s cousin who is a little over the top and winds up getting his hand zipped up in her dress… it’s a long ridiculous story.  Lavon is trying to pimp out Brick so he can get a minor league baseball team in Bluebell.  Lemon tries to regain her social standing with the Belles, first with a rebellion and then with cleaning gum off the sidewalks. 

I love Lemon.  Looking back to the very beginning of the show she’s come so far.  In season one she had no ambition besides the Belles, marrying George Tucker and to keep her affair with Lavon a secret.  I’m glad to see her come so far.  She’s a restaurant owner now.  She’s friends with Wade now.  She and Annabeth ditched the Belles and they aren't looking back.  Plus, she did it with style.  Cleaned up the entire town and then spray painted in giant yellow letters (in perfect penmanship) her resignation on the back wall of the Dixie Stop.  Hands down my favorite moment in the episode.  

Other favorite bits from the episode?

  • Wade and Joel finding some small yet common ground finally.  I’m glad to see that Wade and Zoe are friends.  I loved that all Zoe had to do was call, tell Wade what she needed, and he said done.  I love that he sprang into action and took Joel with him.  I adore that Joel joined in the Bluebell shenanigans and took a punch in the gut for her.  Joel is miserable in Bluebell and he doesn't understand the town he now lives in, but he loves Zoe, so he’s figuring it out.
  • The short but oh so wonderful Lemon and Wade scene.  I've said (okay gushed) before how much I love the Lemon and Wade friendship.  They too have come so far since the very beginning.  There was a time when neither one of them wanted anything to do with the other.  Now? They’re business partners and confidants.  Still not over Lemon sweeping the church steps covered in dirt and grime and all Wade has to say is 'huh' for her to go off.  Lemon Breeland actually cares what Wade Kinsella thinks of her.  She's grown to respect him and likewise he respects her.  He knows when not to push Lemon and knows when she's having a bad day. Instead of making her feel worse he makes a smart-ass remark (he just can't help himself to be honest) and goes about his way.  He lets her be her, even when he thinks she’s insane.

In conclusion: I love this show.  It’s always fun and with so many dark/deathly TV shows (so many of which I watch), it’s nice to have a show like Hart of Dixie that delivers the smiles.  I’m also glad to see the show taking a break from the usual “who loves who” storylines its been peddling these past few seasons.  I like that for now Zoe has Joel and its more about finding her place back in Bluebell.  I like the new friendship between Lemon and Wade and that there’s no attempts to smush them together just because.  Zoe and Wade need a break from each other and while I still believe they’re end game I’m glad that that’s still a ways off for now.  

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