Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Misfits 5x02

Original air date: Oct. 30, 2013

This was a very Rudy centric episode and I can’t say I’m complaining.  If you are a Rudy x Jess shipper than this was definitely your episode.  Kind of gave me whiplash since just last week she was still getting over feelings for Alex but cool whateves.  I guess last season there was some precursor flirting.  I dunno, it could be cute.  I could be down. 

Getting back to Rudy, he discovers that his dad is cheating on his mom and is also an abusive asshole.  Well that’s what he thinks he’s discovered.  In fact, like himself, his dad has split into two after the storm.  I guess it runs in the family.  Also thinking that with what Rudy Too said last week about a split personality disorder might have been something Rudy (and possibly his father) dealt with before the storm (his mother was afraid he'd "gone mental again").  I thought the Rudy Too thing had come from being deeply insecure and covering it up by being a jerk.  Perhaps, that is not the case though.  Oh and Jess and Rudy team up.

Finn and Alex try to save a guy from getting beat up.  Finn almost bursts a blood vessel by making a shopping cart roll downhill and honestly that bit never gets old.  The guy’s name is Sam, he wears a hoodie, can fly, and was introduced in one of the more dramatic beats of music this episode.  (I had to look this part up, but apparently he might be the flying guy on Rudy Too’s sweater. Huh.)

Abbey sniffs a purple scarf she found in the toilets.

Favorite bits from the episode?
  • Rudy calling Jess shallow because she only sleeps with people she’s physically attracted too.  It’s amazing how his brain works sometimes and I am constantly amazing by the kind of things that comes out of his mouth. "I use a voluminous conditioner in case you were wondering." 
  • Rudy eating his dinner after covering it with mint sauce, horseradish, and mustard.  While he was crying, I was laughing.
  • Jess saving Rudy and his mom from Evil!Dad.  What a way to introduce your mother to your fake girlfriend. His mom was just so happy to finally meet her it was cute.

  • That really creepy prolonged Finn shower scene with the pervert stalker Probation Worker.  WTF?  Are we really going there? Really? Alright.  Just go on and continue to really weird me out Misfits

In conclusion:  Rudy Too deserves a hug for putting up with Rudy sometimes.  Oh and Video Game Guy? Yeah. He’s going to be trouble.  Like probably lots of death kind of trouble. I don't think anyone will be surprised though when he goes bad.

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