Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x03 "Forget Me Not"

Original air date: Oct. 24, 2013

So first things first I guess.  Alice and Knave go in search of a magic rope called the “forget me not”.  Or is it knot?  Anyway.  They track the knot down to the Caterpillar who is the Jabba the Hutt of Wonderland/Underland.   Knave has a bounty on his head (wait, does this make him Han Solo?), but is able to make a deal with him.  Since the Caterpillar no longer has the knot, Knave will get it back for him and then his debt will be paid.  Easy peasy, right? Right?! No. The monster Grendel has the knot and so there go Alice and Knave off to fight a monster.  PS. Underland looks very much like a steam punk convention. 

Knave’s past is revealed through their journey.  He’s actually Will Scarlett of Robin Hood’s Merry Men.  Which has me wondering… Robin Hood has become a reoccurring character within OUAT, so are we setting up a crossover soon? Or do they just really like Sean Maguire? Things to ponder on.  In the flashback we see Will’s induction into the Merry Men, his betrayal of the Merry Man as he tricks them into stealing from Maleficent so he and his true love Anastasia can leave the Enchanted Forest. 

Over with Cyrus, the Red Queen and Jafar decided to try and kill Alice with a Bandersnatch.  That was Cyrus’ contribution.  Bandersnatchs are stupid with terrible eye-sight so he knew Alice could handle it.

So three episodes in and think I can safely say… I am not crazy about the Red Queen and Jafar.  Red Queen isn't nearly as fabulously evil as I’d like her to be and Jafar’s dialogue sounds stilted and weird.  To be completely honest most of the dialogue is weird and stilted and I found myself zoning out and doodling on my notes (I drew a spaceship).  Also, I find Alice really condescending.  I really want to like her but so far she’s not so much fun to listen too.  Knave/Will on the other hand.  I love him.  Brooding, complicated, smartasses in a leather jacket? That’s my jam yo.  Which is why I’ll continue to watch the show because him and Alice make a nice team and I do enjoy their scenes together. 

I really appreciated finally learning about Knave this episode.  It’s a nice look into why he is the way he is.  He’s been hurt by love and it has made him cynical.  I really want to like this show and I’m glad that for now I have Knave to keep me watching until I can enjoy the rest of it.

Favorite bits from this episode?
  • “That is a handsome chap.”
    “That is a wanted chap.”
  • Knave burning the forget me knot, because he wants to be more than a thief.  If he doesn't give it back to the Caterpillar than he got it for Alice and that means he’s still has some humanity left.  I like that.
  • "How you look is how I feel.” Knave relating to the Grendel.  He recognizes the face of someone who has lost someone he loved and how hard it is to move on. 
  •  “I mean this as a friend Alice, SOD OFF.” And his face y’all as he’s trying to get out of the ropes. I mean Michael Socha I enjoy you, sir.
  • Sometime during the episode I yelled 'If Anastasia is not the Red Queen I don’t care!' I look forward to this complicated relationship being crazy complicated.  Please tell me its crazy complicated.

In conclusion: Michael Socha ties with Harry Lloyd in BBC’s Robin Hood for my favorite TV Will Scarlett.

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