Saturday, October 19, 2013

Review: Elementary 2x04 "Poison Pen"

Original air date: Oct. 17, 2013

So. Let’s talk about this episode. On this week’s episode of Elementary a man is found dead, poisoned by nitroglycerin. As the truth unfolds we discover a nanny with a hidden past, an abused teenager, and a wife whose alibi was that she was too busy planning the same murder to commit said murder. This was not a man who was going to be missed.

Now, the cases in Elementary are usually interesting, but honestly they are not what keep me watching each week. I’ve watched more than my share of crime procedurals and it’s the characters that always makes this show so much different than others. There isn’t a character on this show that I don’t love. In those respects, this episode did not disappoint and I’m not just talking about shirtless Johnny Lee Millar opening boxing scene either.

One of the major things that I think what sets Elementary apart from other modern adaptations of Sherlock Holmes is that this version isn’t all about Holmes; it’s an ensemble. In fact, Sherlock Holmes’ name isn’t even in the title of the show. I think that speaks volumes for what this show wants to be. Which was obvious in this episode as Joan was the one problem solving, coming up with ideas, and ultimately finding the key piece of evidence.

My love of Joan Watson (including her awesome wardrobe) could fill entire journals so I’ll just stick to saying, she’s awesome. She’s not a sidekick, she’s doesn’t just do as Sherlock asks and the series isn’t afraid to show just how intelligent she is. Joan is her own character with her own development and doesn’t just set Sherlock up for the punch line. I love it, plain and simple. Lucy Liu is just phenomenal.

Of course this post could not be complete without mention my love of Sherlock. He’s not the arrogant robot we’ve come to see in the most recent modern adaptations. He’s someone who each week we get a glimpse of how truly human he is and how much he’s been hurt in the past. Sherlock tries to cut himself off from the world claiming its better, but in the end there are glimpses of the face he hides from the rest of the world. The face that he sometimes lets Joan see and other times the face he hides even from her. The scenes with Abagail and the tearful boxing scene at the end are things that make this show truly amazing. This show makes me feel feelings and it’s amazing.

In conclusion: If you’re not watching Elementary, you should be. My love for this show knows no bounds and I only wish others could see how truly amazing it really is.

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