Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ripper Street Series 2 Promo

I can't be the only one watching the new Series 2 Ripper Street promo on repeat, can I?

The BBC One drama series airs its second season on Monday October 28th.  Which only gives you a little over a week to do any season one catching up if need be (*whispers* I know I do). 

This season not only do we get the return of incredible performances by Matthew Mcfayden but Damien Molony is also joining the cast.  You can catch a glimpse of him in the trailer (with his natural Irish accent I might add).  I was over the moon when I first discovered that my favorite OCD vampire was soon to be joining a show with such a talented cast.  Here's hoping that this is just the beginning of a long successful television career for Damien. 

Anyone else as excited as I am? 

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