Monday, October 28, 2013

New Look at Veronica Mars Movie

Where are my Marshmallows at?

Entertainment Weekly has a new sneak peek for the upcoming Veronica Mars movie.  In the 4 minute clip the stars we all know and love talk a little about the film.

Ten years later and we still love hearing the cast weigh in on the age old question.  Piz? or Logan? Who is the love of Veronica's life?

The video contains some mild spoilers and we get a glimpse of a few new clips not previously seen in other sneak peeks.

(psst the pic is the video again.)
We learn at the start of the film that Veronica is still with Piz and living in New York. Logan is still a brooding bad boy but now he's accused of murder (*gasp* NO!). Logan gives his old friend Veronica a call, he needs help.  Setting Veronica off on a trip down memory lane.  

If you've been living under a rock perhaps you haven't heard of the upcoming Veronica Mars movie.  The adaptation/sequel to the popular and well loved TV show by the same name.  Kristen Bell starring as the title character plays the daughter a private investigator who is very talented in solving crimes when she's not in high school.  If you've never seen it then you should get on that. You won't regret it, I promise you.

Veronica Mars is set to hit theaters in Spring of 2014.

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