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Review: Once Upon a Time 3x05 "Good Form"

Original Air date: Oct. 27, 2013

If y’all thought last week’s recap/review was a mess of shipper feelings ye be ware.  I have no idea how I’m going to get my thoughts organized and in order. If you continue to read beyond this point… well whatever happens that’s on you because this is your only warning.  I’m kidding there are no capslock and keyboard smashing (though I wanted to).  I have had like 6 cookies tonight though so I’m kind of hopped up on sugar which I give as excuse as to why I’m being such a goof right now.

The promo for this episode and even the sneak peek released did not prepare me for what was going to go down in tonight’s episode.  Immediately after I finished watching (which took longer than normal because I kept rewinding to watch scenes multiple times) I texted my friend in all caps and exclamation marks.  I was a mess of feelings

Alright so. First things the first.  The recap.  Emma fears that Henry will begin to lose hope and once that happens he’ll be lost to Pan’s cult forever.  So she, Snow, and Regina set out to hatch a plan.  They’re going to trap a Lost Boy and convince him to take a message back to Henry for them.  The message: they are in Neverland and they are coming for him.  It was nice to see Emma and Regina together on what they were willing to do.  Even if Snow was all “I just want to make sure there is still a line between what Regina is willing to do and what you are willing to do.” Personally, it’s about Emma and Regina’s son and while he’s still with Pan I don’t think anyone should be talking about any kind of line.  Sorry, but Snow just infuriated me during this part.  Ultimately Regina pulls the boy’s heart from his chest and commands him to deliver their message.  For the first time since Storybrooke Emma and Regina are able to see their son and now he knows for sure that they are coming to rescue him.

At the same time Charming's Dreamshade wound is getting worse.  Hook knows a way to save him, but Charming is having none of it.  He doesn't want to distract from saving Henry.  Charming is so noble that he’s willing to die instead of take a day’s journey so he can be there to actually help rescue his grandson.  I can’t deal with him.  I’m glad Hook lied to him and dragged his butt up that mountain side and knocked (literally) some sense into him. 

Sidenote: I didn't mean for these two paragraphs to be hate on Snow and Charming time and I apologize for that.  They just rubbed me the wrong way in this particular episode.  I promise I don’t hate them.

In flashbacks we learn about Hook’s origin, back when he was just Lieutenant Killian Jones.  How he and his brother Liam first came to Neverland to gather what they were told was a powerful medicine but in fact was Dreamshade, the deadly poison which eventually took his brother's life.  The death of his brother, the catalyst for him forsaking the King’s navy in favor of piracy.  It is this story which gave Hook his knowledge of how to save David.  A hidden spring with magic water, but the catch is that once drank the healed can never leave Neverland.  Now this doesn't have me fooled for a second.  This is not the end of it and there will be a way for Charming to have his happy ending whether back in the Enchanted Forest or in Storybrooke.  However, I am now even more convinced that there will come a time for Hook to sacrifice himself for Charming as a way to prove his honor and true love for Emma.  That is my theory and I am not happy for it.  I foresee Hook dying in some noble way and I don’t think its right. Anyway...

Now let’s see if I can list some of my favorite bits from the episode without repeating the entire episode word for word.

  • Hook taking Emma aside in Neal’s old hideout.  Telling her he knows what it feels like to lose all hope.  He was so sincere and even though she brushed him off.  I loved it so much. His face y’all.  He was hurt.
  • Charming hugging Emma when he left with Hook.  She was surprised by it.  It’s made me really want them to have some more time together.  They barely have any interaction and it makes me sad.  I know Emma is still just barely processing that he’s her father BUT I WANT IT. Plus:
Charming: “Emma while I’m gone-"
Emma: “Listen to my mother?” *both smile*
  • “What would you like to yell at me about now, Dave?” Everything about David and Hook having their own adventure.  Don’t think I’m not going to mention that they both had brothers and lost brothers.  Brothers that were basically each other.  Now all they can do is be each other’s brothers.  Say brothers again.  Brothers.  It wasn't just my shipper goggles that were screwed on tight this episode. My bromance radar was also going crazy.  Just, imagine what Hook was going through this episode with David.  He watched his brother die (basically twice) by Dreamshade and now he has to watch David die the same way knowing what it’s going to do to Snow and Emma.
  • “She didn't   I did.  That’s what I’m here for." Regina stepping in because she's tired of Emma getting the lecture from Snow.
  • *sound in the jungle* Emma unsheathes her sword, Snow aims an arrow, and Regina makes a fireball.  You do not screw with these ladies they will mess you up.
  • Emma being mortified by her parents making out and Regina wishing for another sleeping curse. 
  • Regina just knowing that something is up.  When Hook and Charming came back, the way she looked at Hook, you know she suspects there’s more to that story than what Charming is letting on.  Regina knows all y’all. 
  • The Hook & Emma  kiss.  I know y’all didn't think I wasn't going to mention the kiss.  It was everything. A one time thing? My ass.
  • "As you wish." *ded* Hook sitting on a rock happy as a clam telling Pan how Emma is gonna love him.  

In conclusion: Lost Boys don’t like chocolate.  Henry gave me flashbacks to Robin Williams in Hook.  Killian Jones had some terrible terrible hair in his past.  Apparently becoming a pirate means a hot new wardrobe and some better hair-styling.

And I can’t wait to see the fallout from the kiss.  Who is going to figure it out first? Will it be Snow “Honey, you’re looking a little flushed. Let feel your forehead. Do you have a fever?” Charming? “What are you grinning about Pirate?” Regina? “Makeout with your boyfriend recently?”  Only time will tell.  

PS: Tell me, who do y'all think is in the prison cell next to Neal in Pan's camp?

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