Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Misfits 5x05

Original air date: Nov. 20, 2013

I’m going to be completely honest with y’all right now.  An action by Alex towards the end of the episode has me so incredibly angry I’m not sure I can even write this review.  I’m not sure if I even want to. 

Trigger Warning for mentions of rape. 

There is a lot that I am able to write off as *shrug*  Well, its Misfits.  If you can’t handle wildly crude and inappropriate situations than this is not a show for you.  That explanation does not wash this time.  Alex aggressively advancing on Leah, unzipping his pants, as he claims he’ll “take care of this” is NOT OKAY.  I’m sitting here with a clenched jaw wondering how I’m going to put my anger away for a second to focus on the other things going on in the episode. 

Imagine if Finn hadn't been there to stop Alex.  Imagine what would have followed.  A poor, scared girl being held down as Alex forcibly took her powers by RAPING her.  I am not okay with this show suddenly giving Alex permission to rape people.  First it was Finn and I put my head in the sand and tried to hand-wave it because Misfits, but Leah was almost his second victim.  It has only been 5 episodes and Alex is becoming a serial rapist.  In Alex’s mind he doing the right thing, because they deserved it.  Does anyone else see how incredibly f*cked up that is?  This show now as a serial rapist as a lead character and none of the other characters think this is a problem.  There is nothing okay about that.  

*deep breathe*

This episode centers around a girl named Leah.  Since the storm she’s been able to live in a virtual world on her computer and hasn't left her apartment since.  When her friend asks her to go to the support group she downloads herself into her friend’s body (without her knowledge) and goes in her friend's body.  There she meets Finn and the two awkwardly hit it off.  The only thing is she still can’t leave her apartment.  She’s too afraid to.  So she hijacks Finn’s body and saves his personality to a flash drive.  Leah wants to convince him to stay with her in her virtual world.  They can have all they will ever need when they are binary code.

Eventually, after some shenanigans and more downloading into others.  Finn is able to talk to her and convince her that the real world isn't so bad.  She agrees to wake him up and together they leave the apartment. 

Rudy and Jess want to try dating.  They were actually really kind of cute this episode.  Well they were in the beginning and at the end.  The middle? Not so much.  Jess doesn't want to lie about them being together, but Rudy is worried about hurting Finn.  So in true “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING RUDY?!” fashion, Rudy records Jess having an epic poop.  He thinks it’ll turn Finn off of her and of course the video ends up on the internet.  Jess beats him with a broom handle but somehow Rudy telling her she’s a beautiful pooper wins her over anyway.

Favorite bits of the episode?
  • Greg pulling Jess into his office for a talk.  He was still loud, angry, and a little terrifying but it was kind of touching how he opened up to her about his own creepy story.  I think he was actually trying to help.  It was weird.
  • Rudy One and Rudy Too refuting each other.
  • Rudy’s reactions to watching Leah and Finn on the computer screen.  That’s basically what I look like when I’m watching a TV show.  True Story.
  • Rudy Too bringing flowers to the electrician who saved his life last week.  CUTE!

In conclusion: Kate Bracken is on next week’s episode and it’s a mini Being Human reunion. *spirit fingers*  Alex is dead to me and nobody should ever let Rudy have pick ‘n mix ever again.   

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