Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: Hart of Dixie 3x07 "I Run to You"

Original air date: Nov. 18, 2013

Picking up where we left off with George and Lynly last week, the two of them are going strong.  Are they a couple? Are they just hanging out? No one knows.  Yet, with the cross-country relay race on the line they need to figure out what they should tell Lavon, if anything at all. 

Lavon throws himself into coaching the Bluebell cross-country team and Lynly is his star runner.  He’s determined not to lose this year and it also gives him a perfect excuse to absolutely avoid Annabeth.  Likewise, Annabeth is making enough jam to feed the entirety of Alabama. 

Zoe worries about Joel.  He’s blowing off his writing and spending perhaps a little too much time with Wade.  Joel admires Wade’s carefree attitude and when we all discover that Joel is suffering from a terrible case of writers block it makes sense.  Zoe and Wade, of course, clash over the proper ways to help Joel with his creative troubles.

In the end it’s not Zoe’s support/pushiness or even Wade’s laid back blow off steam approach.  In the end it’s being kidnapped and held for ransom by Tansy’s brothers in exchange for a clean bar tab at the Rammer Jammer.  After that he’s hit with crazy inspiration and is able to forget his stress and just focus on writing.

Lynly hurts her knee and decides to spill the news to Lavon about her and George.  Lavon flips out as they had feared he would and hands George a rather silly ultimatum.  Let’s face it, ultimatums are just on his mind these days.  George can stop seeing Lynly or he’s fired from the team.  George chooses Lynly and then he realizes that maybe he’s not too damaged to try actually dating someone.

Lavon and Annabeth talk about their relationship in terms of jam.  He cleans out a cabinet for her and everything seems good with them for now.

Oh y’all remember Shellby?  She’s back.  She bought Fancie’s and she has plans that include microphones and boas and guess what y’all! She’s pregnant.

Favorite bits of the episode?
  • Lavon telling George he appreciates him always having his back, followed directly by George giving him a very awkward hug.
  • “[…] fans will blame you and fans are the meanest people there are.” *snort* Tom does not lie.
  • Zoe going through so much trouble to create the right writing environment for Joel.  The recreation of his favorite New York cafe in the Rammer Jammer was cute. 
  • Dear CW, Thank you for the shirtless Wade Kinsella.  I just want you to know I always appreciate it.  Sincerely, Me xoxo
  • Wade and Zoe working together on the hostage negotiations for Joel’s release.  I will never get tired of seeing them hanging out together.

In conclusion:  If you can’t be a novelist perhaps you could take up barbering.  Jam on cheese is apparently really delicious, but jam making is not the recommend method of avoidance.  And finally donut trees are still better than money trees in my opinion.

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