Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review: Dracula 1x03 "Goblin Merchant Men"

Original air date: Nov. 8, 2013

This week we get a glimpse of the story behind Dracula’s vampirism, but mostly the episode is about business and politics.  His origins, the doings of the Order of the Dragon, of course.  Them being evil and all.  Which coincidentally their initials spell out OotD which almost spells out Ood.  Therefore they shall be henceforth known as the Ood, because that just makes it that much more fun for me.

Alexander Grayson is moving forward with his plan to take down the Ood by driving them out of business.  He’s enlisted the help of young Jonathan Harker.  This week Harker's mission is to make friends with the important business men in town.  Now that Grayson has controlling interest of [big long name of company] he's got them running scared (and has actually gotten two guys killed).

Oh, and he's still sleeping with the vampire hunter and now knows she keeps poor vampires tied up in her basement.  He doesn't like it... but I guess he's going to deal with that later?

Mina does what most women would do after a bad breakup.  She goes out on the town with her gal pal Lucy.  Gets drunk, misses class, but is still able to become Van Helsing’s research assistant.  

Likewise Harker walks around distracted by heart break.  Grayson in a “speaking as a completely third party observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter” kind of way tells Harker to go get her back.  Afterwards Dracula gives himself a pat on the back and rejoices in the fact that he did a good deed and it didn't feel horrible..

Now Mina is pretty awesome.  She’s a medical student, she’s independent, and doesn't abide by gender stereotypes (SHE asked Johnathan to marry her), but everyone on the show is in love with her.  So even though she’s kind of cool, I can’t get past the fact that Harker, Grayson, and Lucy are all preoccupied with gaining her affections.  It just makes me tired of her already. By the way I ship Lucy and Mina the most.

Alexander Grayson aka Dracula is he the antihero or the romantic hero?  Are we rooting for him not only to bring down the Ood but also in his pursuits of Mina?  When he left those roses for her, big romantic music played.  His actions were even kind of honorable (well as honorable as strategically placing himself within her life with ulterior motives, stalking, and manipulating her boyfriend can be).  I'm really only interested if we're not supposed to find his stalking and manipulative behavior romantic.  I want a dubious moral character who brings down the evil characters but is never actually the good guy.  Does that make any sense?  

Favorite bit dialogue of the episode?
Renfield: “What did you do?”
Grayson: “I ripped out the throat of the bastard priest.”
Renfield: “So, not a bad morning, all things considered.”

Grayson: “I've had worse.”

The relationships I care about the most on this show are Grayson/Renfield and Mina/Lucy.  

I find the story to be a little slow at the moment but I feel that it’s going to be picking up soon.  Van Helsing has succeed in (brutally) killing the Seers searching for Dracula which will allow for more vampires to flood the city.  Plus, I’m just glad that there were no more slow-motion-roof-at-moonlight-fight scenes this week.

In conclusion: Dracula can sit for about a cup of tea before he explodes from sunlight exposure.  Mina’s engagement ring/cross necklace is quite literally an obstacle for her vampire admirer.  And even though I was excited to see Andrew Lee Potts, I applauded when he got himself thrown across the room by Grayson.  

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