Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review: Misfits 5x03

Original Airdate: Nov. 6, 2013

You know if you cut out all of the creepy Probation Worker stuff… this episode wasn't half bad.  Last week, I had had a feeling this had become a Rudy and the gang kind of show, but this wasn't that.  We actually got an Abbey-centric episode; the big reveal of who she is and what the storm did to her.  The storm created her.  She’s the physical embodiment of another person’s childhood imaginary friend.  Laura’s imaginary friend, as it turns out.  The girl whose scarf she sniffed all last week and met in the pub at the very end.  When we meet up back with them this week they are in love.

I have to say.  I didn't see that one coming, that Abbey was actually an imaginary friend.  That was actually pretty good.  I didn't think y’all still had that in you Misfits.  Now I'm curious if it'll have any lasting repercussions with Abbey's everyday life.  Now that she has made peace with Laura that is.  I really felt for Abbey when Laura shunned her.  Abbey has been searching for a place to belong since she showed up, answers to who she was, and when finally finds them her creator tells her to get lost.  

Not to jump on a different train of thought, but how long it’s been since the storm?  Abbey has been walking around without any memories, or any kind of clue who she is for awhile now.  Scary, Laura’s boogieman, has just now come into existence.  Are we supposed to believe it was Abbey and Laura reuniting which brought him back?  Or?! Was it because with Abbey back, that Laura’s newly remembered memories surfaced and Scary was born out of that?  Or has he just been really slow at waking up after the storm?  I know.  I’m over thinking this.  

Anyway, so the boogieman pops back into their lives and kills Laura’s abusive ex-boyfriend (I see no problems with this) and then Abbey kills him (stabs him with what looks like a tetherball pole).  She was created to be Laura’s friend and protector after all.  Then they say their goodbyes and I’m sitting here going “but why?!”  I thought that they were actually really sweet together and I don’t like to use this word, but were actually almost literally, soulmates.  I once read a book (that I hated to be completely honest!) that was about a woman’s childhood imaginary friend becoming real and they ended up together in love.  So… why not?

But, I digress.  Finn suffers really creepy sexual advances from the Probation Worker.  Like can we please stop sexually assaulting the poor guy? The chocolate, the piano, the drunken assault… ugh.  I was actually kind of hoping we were down another probation worker.  That wouldn't have been so bad (missing you Shaun).  

There’s a story a brewing with Rudy Too and Sam the flying guy.  A message on the jumper that Rudy is trying to decode.  Perhaps we might have a superhero in the making … again.  That can only end in someone’s death.

Favorite bits of the episode?
  • Rudy Too lecturing Rudy on being more understanding and not just grabbing confused women’s breasts.  
  • The “Did you kill the Probation Worker?” scene.  That was actually quite amusing.  Especially, when he turned out to not be dead.  Talk about a plot twist, not dead Probation Worker.  
  • Rudy and Alex being on the same page about things.  I just miss Rudy having Curtis around (even if hey were rarely on the same page).  They were such good buddies and he needs a new friend.
  • Sam saving Rudy Too from the mugger.  I was legit afraid for Rudy Too this episode for some reason.  I kept expecting something bad to happen to him.

In conclusion: With Finn complaining about “folds and compartments”, I can see why his ex-girlfriend felt the need to use her powers on him.  Alex is wearing the woman’s cut jumpsuit and it looks way small on him (you can tell by the angle of the zippers).  When faking a car crash always make sure you’re not crashing into Jess’ car first. 

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