Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review: Hart of Dixie 3x05 "How Do You Like Me Now?"

Original air date: Nov. 4, 2013

**Sorry I’m late with this.  I’m still trying to catch up after my full weekend.  Don't even ask me about Nanowrimo.

It’s another week in Bluebell and another week where most of the town is preoccupied with Dr. Zoe Hart’s love life.  Dash has a new blog poll up, “Is Joel the right guy for Zoe?” Just 13% agree and that kills Zoe.  So she sets out to prove that he’s a great guy and everybody should love him as she does.  Which, of course, results in him rear-ending the Reverend’s car.  So Zoe volunteers them to take over the tween camping trip.  Well it’s more of a trade thing.  Zoe will take the camping trip if the Reverend gives a sermon on why people should accept Joel.

Only Joel is afraid of heights and doesn't care if he fits in or not.  He loves Bluebell just the way it is.  Well of course only until George Tucker shows up and the tween girl population of Bluebell treat him like a member of One Direction (Joel’s analogy not mine).  Joel gets drunk (Wade encourages him because he can be an asshat when he wants to be) and makes a drunken demonstration of his love.  This endears him in the hearts of the tween girls and the rest of the Bluebellites follow in suit (he’s at a 35% approval rate).

Some other stuff happens.  Lemon and Meatball kiss in front of a gazebo.  They end up on the cover of Gazebos of Alabama.  It was a nice moment.  Lemon tracks down Pete “The Flat Tire Guy”, but decides to leave it be as just a lovely night.  George and Lynly have good clean fun, but George is still afraid of Lavon. 

You know when I said I was glad that the show as taking a break from the Wade and Zoe drama, I didn't mean I wanted to rehash the old Zoe and George dilemma.  If they were supposed to have been together, they would have been together.  They claim it’s all timing, but honestly, it’s not.  It’s them.  Anyway, I’m kind of over the Zeorge vs Zade debacle and I like Joel.  I’m kind of over Zoe’s love life at the moment.  Also wouldn't mind seeing more Lemon and Wade interactions.  Or just more of Lemon and something not having to do with the Belles. 

Favorite bits of the episode?

  • Joel’s writing desk set up at the Rammer Jammer.  He’s so cute with his little lamp.  Joel is so excited to be in Bluebell and to have a usual at a restaurant.  I fear for his little heart for when it’s inevitably broken over the Zeorge or Zade reunion.  

In conclusion: Meatball wrote a romantic zombie song and it wasn't half bad.  Whiskey can make you stupid. Tween girls set the social acceptance standards in Bluebell. 

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