Monday, November 18, 2013

Review: Once Upon a Time 3x08 "Think Lovely Thoughts"

Original air date: Nov. 17, 2013

So. Two weeks.  We’ll going to have to wait two weeks to find out just what kind of repercussions this episode has had on our characters.  For me, it’s going to be a tough two weeks full of nail biting and hair tugging.

The secret origin of Peter Pan is finally revealed and Henry’s family tree has gotten a whole lot stranger.
“Peter Pan destroyed my father.” *Obi-wan’s voice* "From a certain point of view."
(Did no one else hear that? Oh, just me then? Okay. Moving on.)
We start off with a young Rumplestiltskin being raised by his con man father.  His father, is a liar and a cheat and believes Rumple will be better off without him.  So he drops him off with two very nice ladies, who teach him how to spin.  In crazy similar parallel fashion Rumple gets a magic bean.  He takes this bean to his father and asks him to leave with him.  Together they can go away to a place where they can start all over.

His father agrees, and wishes to return to a place he used to visit in his dreams as child, Neverland.  A place with no rules, and they can do and have whatever their heart desires.  Except, there IS one rule, no adults allowed.  The only way he can stay is if he is a child and a child cannot have a child. So Rumple’s father sends Rumple away with the shadow and wishes to be young again, forever.  Peter Pan is born, but at a price.  He only has a finite amount of magic left keeping him alive.  (That's where the heart of the truest believer comes in, but shhhh that comes later.)

Basically, this family tree has real issues with fathers and sons.  Rumplestiltskin chose magic over his own son, and Rumple’s father chose youth over his son.  

In present day on Neverland, the gang with Tinker Bell’s help is able to infiltrate Pan’s camp.  There they find Wendy Darling and she lets them in on Pan’s true plan.  He’s been asking Henry to save magic, to save everybody he loves.  Except, that's a lie.  As I said above Pan is dying and he needs the heart of the truest believer to make him immortal before the magic runs out.  The trade off being Henry's life for his own.  Emma, Regina, Rumple and Neal rush to Skull Rock to stop Pan (three people with magic and one with a coconut). 

Snow and Charming make a trip to get some more magic anti-Dreamshade water.  Rumple thinks he can cook up a cure back home in Storybrooke.  See, not all is lost.  Of course, that all depends on whether taking water on the boat will sustain Charming long enough for Rumple to cook up the antidote AND if Rumple can actually do as he promises.  Not to mention, did it seem a little too easy for Rumple to agree to help without anything in it for himself? He went from “You will owe me BIG TIME for this” to “all I need is a thanks.”  Too easy.  I know he’s trying to win Neal back, but nope still don’t trust him.  That was too easy of a solution.

Regina, Emma, Neal, and Rumple are able to reach Skull Rock right as Pan is convincing Henry to rip out his own heart.  Rumple’s Pandora’s box backfires and Pan traps him inside it.  I’m guessing he’s going to be in there for at least another episode or so.  Regina, Emma and Neal try to convince Henry not to listen to Pan, but at this point Henry’s need to be a hero plus the amount of Pan’s brainwashing are too much.  He rips out his heart and gives it to Pan.

The end.  That’s how the show ends.  Two weeks before we find out what is going to happen.  Henry is likely dead and Pan, the greatest demon anyone has ever known, is immortal.  This is going to be a fun two weeks.  And by fun, I mean two weeks of me running around in circles.

Favorite bits of the episode?
  • Emma pleading with Snow.  “Family means being together, always.”  That’s her mother’s optimism rubbing off on her.  She won’t accept that there’s not a way for them to all be together.  Emma may still have issues with her parents, but now that she has them back, she’s not going to just give them up without a fight. 
  • Charming: “Here, in case your good looks fail you.”
    Hook: “Thanks, mate.”
    *sing song* Bros for life. If that’s not Pappa!Charming approving of his new son-in-law, than I don’t know what is.  They’re bros now (and just a reminder Neal is walking into Pan’s camp with nothing but a coconut and nobody is handing him a sword). 
  • Regina’s ‘bitch plz’ look towards Rumple when he asked if she remembered the spell.
  • The Wendy and Baelfire reunion.  She came back to Neverland to save him, because she couldn't accept that he’d be without a family.  If they get back to Storybrooke and she ages appropriately (10-15 yrs whatever), I will accept any kind of hand-wave explanation for that just so we can get a cute Darling Fire ship.  BUT only if she’s no longer 14 yrs old, cuz otherwise, no.
  • Charming giving Emma a kiss on her temple before leaving with Snow.  I need Charming and Emma moments.  They haven’t had much father/daughter bonding time and that needs to change.  I may or may not have been screaming “HUG YO DAUGHTER!” at one point.
  • Emma and Regina working together to block out the moon.  Dynamic Mom duo to the rescue!
In conclusion: Baelfire was the dreamboat of Neverland.  Pan likes to quote High School principals “The choice was your’s!” And finally the number one rule of Once Upon a Time: Everybody everywhere is related Henry.  So tune in next time to discover that Henry's 2nd cousin on his father's side is actually Cruella De Vil. 

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