Monday, November 4, 2013

Review: Once Upon a Time 3x06 "Ariel"

Original Air date: Nov. 3, 2013

I can always tell I've enjoyed an episode when the margins on my notebook are filled with haphazard scribbles.  Tonight I sit here trying to decipher three pages of notes that I seem to have written left handed, whist blindfolded, during an earthquake. 

We pick this episode up maybe five minutes after last week's.  Now, let’s talk about this for a second.  Immediately upon hearing that Neal is alive Hook tells Snow and Charming.  He doesn't go straight to Emma, but to her parents.  He’s worried about getting her hopes up for nothing, but also doesn't hesitate telling the people closest to her.  They should have a better idea of what to do. The plan was always to rescue Neal.  Not to mention, Hook is a lot of things, but he is not stupid.  The worst people to ask to lie and/or withhold the truth is Snow and Charming so… he knew Emma was going to find out sooner rather than later.  Oh and, Hook and Charming’s little nod to each other was cute.  You could see them thinking “we've been on a quest together.  We know how to tell a convincing lie. We got this.  We are pros.”  Only to completely blow it upon their first test.  They be cute. 

Regina throws her hands up because she is so freaking done with the ship wars.  She goes to find Rumple to knock some sense into him.  When she reaches Rumple in the nick of time – he’s about to be seduced by Pan’s shadow – she convinces him to join forces.  Because no one tries to kill Rumpelstiltskin but her!  Rumple had originally come to the island to die, but is having second thoughts.  Luckily he has something that will subject Pan to a fate worse than death (they have a Harry and Voldemort kind of relationship.  It's very angsty).  Too bad he forgot the deus ex machina back home in Storybrooke.

Good news though! Regina just happens to know a mermaid she can manipulate into doing what she wants.  Mermaids are able to swim from realm to realm, of course.  Back during Snow White’s fugitive days she’d crossed paths with a mermaid.  Once a year mermaids are allowed to walk the earth on their own two feet, but only for 12 hours.  One year Ariel used it to meet Prince Eric, her love at first sight guy.  Prince Eric pulls a Ted Mosby and Ariel only wishes she could travel the world with him.  Which means she of course needs legs.  Regina pretends to be Ursula, goddess of the sea, and tricks Ariel.  She will give her legs in exchange for giving Snow her tail.  Ariel thinking she is helping Snow escape her arch nemesis agrees.  When things go south, Ariel betrays Regina for Snow and Ariel loses her voice.  She can never tell Eric how she feels.

In Neverland, the gang is able to track Neal to Echo Cave.  A cave that forces one to reveal their darkest and deepest secrets.  I mean what timing for all the characters to clean the air between them, am I right?  Hook professes his love with Emma.  Snow confesses she wants another baby and Charming comes clean about almost dying last week and having filled out a change of address form for Neverland.  Emma shares her secret privately with Neal.  She loves him and always will, but she almost wished that he was dead (ouch, way to kick a man while he's imprisoned).  Emma wants to be able to finally begin to put him behind her and move past all the hurt she faced.  Can we talk about Emma’s face during this entire episode?  When she heard that Neal was alive, when she saw him in the cave, when he called out to her… she was utterly terrified of all of it.

I’m counting down the days till next week.  We've got a mermaid in the mix.  We have an awkward family thanksgiving situation going on and the Gruesome Twosome are back together (Regina and Rumple of course).  Pan, like always is plotting and scheming and we still don’t know who is in the second jail cell in his camp.  

Favorite bits of the episode?

  • Regina teaching Emma how to use her magical abilities.  That is going to be big later.  Regina referring to Henry as her and Emma’s son.  As I texted my friend last week the only happy ending I will accept is Regina and Emma raising Henry a la “My TwoDads” Style.
  • Ursula putting the fear of god in Regina.  Never again will Regina impersonate a mythical being.  And honestly she should have known better.  I’m hoping this means we get to see a proper Ursula in the near future.
  • Mini-trident.  Everybody knows that’s a dinglehopper!
  • Emma confiding in Mary Margret about the kiss with Hook.  She told her Mom and talked it through with her Mom. 
  • Sidenote: As a girlfriend though Mary Margret kind of sucked.  Had I been the friend being confided in my immediate question after Emma brushed off the “Did it mean anything?” question would have been “Did you want it to mean anything? Could it mean something in the future?”  She was obviously trying to talk it out and Mary Margret was all ‘well Neal this and Neal that.’
  • Hook’s “I kissed Emma”, Charming’s outrage and Snow’s “David. Now is not the time!”
  • Hook’s entire speech to Emma and yet he didn't expect anything in return.  It was his secret and she needed to hear it and that was it.  The ground literally shook with his proclamation of love and AH! My little shipper heart is far from broken.  It’s soaring because I was expecting so much bad.  Now I'm more optimistic than ever.

In conclusion: When Prince Eric was cursed he ended up in Lawrence, Kansas and joined the Men of Letters.  Rumple and Pan’s shadow is canon y’all.  All I heard this episode was “Happy endings always start with hope Hook.” You can’t convince me otherwise. 

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