Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: Misfits 5x04

Original air date Nov. 13, 2013

You never appreciate what you have till it’s gone or suddenly aged 60+ years.  That’s what Rudy learns on this week of Misfits.

We begin with Rudy realizing that he hasn't seen Rudy Too for a few days (A FEW DAYS?! IT TOOK YOU A FEW DAYS AND RUNNING OUT OF MILK AND CLEAN CLOTHES BEFORE YOU BEGAN TO WORRY ABOUT RUDY TOO?!)  When Rudy Too finally does appear he’s about 80 years old and unable to recall where he’s been or what has happened to him.

Rudy goes undercover as Rudy Too retracing his steps in hopes of figuring out who did this to him.  In the beginning all he hears is how frustrated Rudy Too is with him.  Frustrated and angry for the way Rudy One has treated him.  Rudy gets all offended because he doesn't think it’s fair for Rudy Too to be saying terrible (but true) things about him.  And to be honest, locking Rudy Too up in a cupboard is not really helping Rudy One’s case.  I guess we should just be glad that there weren't any dead bodies in the coffin freezer with the Cornettos this time around. 

Eventually after spending a few days in Rudy Too’s shoes he comes to discover how many people Rudy Too helps and how he never asks for anything in return.  Rudy Too means so much to so many people and just maybe he should mean a little more to Rudy One.  It’s this realization that finally wakes Rudy up and forces him to care about someone other than himself.

I’m having Rudy feels like crazy this episode.  From Rudy finally realizing what he has in Rudy Too, to Rudy giving him their favorite childhood toy, to Rudy Too telling Mr. Johnson that he’ll see him Friday.  Even after what he tried to do to Rudy Too, he’s still going to continue to visit him.  Mr. Johnson took his youth and tried to KILL HIM and Rudy Too holds no grudges.  He just tucked Mr. Johnson into his bed as if nothing had happened.   

Alex finally learns that with great penis comes great responsibility.  Thank you Abbey for making him see that.  There was a lot of people coming to the realizations that with their abilities they can actually make differences in people’s lives this week.  The word Superhero has been used A LOT this season. 

Alex realizing that his gift is something that can help people was super important for him.  The only time I actually cared for him was when he thought of Jess first before himself (even if his actions were all kinds of wrong).  So just talking to “trapped in the closet” guy was kind of a big step for him and he did offer to take the guy’s powers.  Those were the kinds of powers that probably more important to discuss than quick fix by getting rid of.  I mean Alex didn't do much except basically say ‘dude. You’re okay’, but it at least it made "trapped in the closet" guy decide to consider what his powers actually meant. 

Abbey meets Mark, the tortoise from the support group, and ends up adopting/abducting him and keeping him in her locker.  Now that she knows who she is, she’s searching for a purpose and desperately wants to help others.  She was quickly drawn to Mark the tortoise, and she wants to care for him.  I’m just glad I wasn't drinking anything when Abbey asked Alex to shag her tortoise.  Her delivery was spot on and I had to pause before I could continue watching.  Also, I don’t think anyone can fault Alex for saying no. 

Favorite bits of the episode?
  • The way Rudy wakes Finn up by screaming “MORNING FINNLEY!”
  • Rudy stealing everybody’s shots and screaming “F*ck You!” and then softly to Jess “Have a good evening”.
  • Abbey totally ships RudyxJess.  Her face when Old Rudy Too said “I’ve always liked you.”
  • Finn getting all indignant about people dumping their trash only to be reminded that they've killed quite a few people, frequently.
  • Abbey: “Don’t worry about me. I’m just here for the biscuits.”
  • NOT okay with Finn using “trapped in the closet” guy to make Alex feel uncomfortable.  I’m just glad that Alex was a good guy about it (eventually) and talked to him about his powers.
  • Rudy’s color coded and laminated rota for taking care of Rudy Too.  I felt warm fuzzies when I saw everybody pitching in and doing their part, because Rudy Too would have done it for all of them, no questions asked.
  • Rudy bringing Rudy Too their favorite toy tank.  There might have been a small to large branch in my eye during that scene.
  • Rudy and Rudy Too’s reunion.  The genuine happiness between the both of them.

Rudy Too: “You locked me in a cupboard.”
Rudy: “You ungrateful f*cker!”
Rudy Too: “I’m only kidding. You did great.”  
Hopefully, now Rudy can finally start appreciating what he has in Rudy Too.

In conclusion: OMG Ellie Kendrick! She can shoot electricity from her fingers and its freaking awesome! I never want to see Rudy dressed in Finn’s clothing ever again.  Crazy not too subtle foreshadowing for Video Game Guy (aka Tim) having a relapse going.

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