Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: Supernatural 9x06 "Heaven Can’t Wait"

Original air date: Nov. 12, 2013

What does it mean to be human?  Human beings have complex emotions and yet pain is pain.  Castiel feels are my pain at the moment to be honest.  

We find Castiel working as a sales associate in a convenience store.  Last time we saw him, he had nothing.  He was living on the streets and going by Clarence.   Now as Steve, he seems happy enough.  He’s watching and learning human interactions and he has a job to do.  He might even have a date with his pretty manager, Nora, who seems pretty cool.

Castiel, still a hunter in training, notices something in the newspaper and calls Dean.  He think he might have a case for him.  So far there have been four unexplained deaths.  People who were depressed are suddenly exploding violently in a pink flash.  Dean drops everything to go check it out.  He says it’s to get out of the piles of research that Kevin and Sam have waiting for him, but I think it was more visiting Castiel.

Back at the Batcave, Kevin has run into a brick wall with translating the angel tablet.  He’s been able to translate it into an ancient language, but is unable to translate that into anything readable.  Crowley is the only person who can help, but he has one demand.  A phone call.
Crowley’s been out of the game for awhile now and Abbadon has been busy with her coup. If Crowley’s time on hold is any kind of indication she’s making some real lead way and Crowley needs to be worried about his crown.  She’s coming for it.  I think we can all agree that if Abbadon gains control of hell, the boys are going to have a lot more than the angels to worry about. 

Crowley might not be the most trustworthy demon (well, considering all the demons they've come in contact with he actually might), but one thing you can count on is that Crowley honors his deals.  He was originally a crossroads demon after all.  Crowley translates the tablet and drops the big news.  Metatron’s spell cannot be undone.  There is no way to return the angels to heaven and no way for Castiel to get his grace back.

After checking in at the crime scene, Dean of course shows up at Castiel’s work.  Now, let me just stop right here.  Castiel was homeless, but he has a job now, and he’s starting to slowly rebuild.  He had nothing when he fell and you know what Dean needs to stop giving him crap for it.  Zeke made sure that Cas couldn't stay at the Batcave and he’s done what he needed to survive.  So. Dean? Stop being such a Dick… Roman. Which he eventually did do.  He gave Cas his blessing to go be a regular human for awhile.  That is after they take a look at the next crime scene together.

Dean convincing Castiel to go with him was giving me all sorts of Pilot flashbacks.  It was almost a perfect parallel to Dean asking Sam to come with him to find Dad.
Dean: “I can’t do this alone.”
Sam: “Yes you can.”
Dean: “Well, I don’t want too.”

It’s at the next crime scene that Castiel is able to figure out who is behind everything.  It’s an angel whose name roughly translates to “Hands of Mercy.”  An angel who would treat the wounded on the battlefield and if that angel was past saving he’d explode them in a flash of pink (less painful apparently).  Now that this angel is on earth he is trying to continue his heavenly duties.  The problem is, he doesn't understand human emotions.  Pain is pain and he thinks he’s helping these people.  Then he comes for Cas and we’re all in pain at the realization that Castiel is not happy. 

Favorite bits of the episode?
  • Sam all angry and upset that Dean didn't ask Castiel what he’d been up too.  Also, that Dean had no plans to go visit Castiel even though he was going to be in Idaho already.
  • The Demon phone network putting Crowley on hold.
  • Dean’s dating and style advice for Cas.  That entire scene was so cute.  It was like a parent dropping their son off for their first dance and it was adorable.
  • Cas’ lullaby.  OMG can I get that as a ringtone or something for when I have trouble sleeping?  Also Castiel is totally relating to that baby and it’s the cutest thing in the entire world. “Nobody told you. Nobody explained.”
  • Dean gave Cas babysitting tips!! Something he learned raising Sam? Because when he had Bobby John, that baby wasn't with him long enough to have a fever. *sticks fingers in ears* to the people reminding me of Dean babysitting Lisa’s niece.
  • We have come full circle here.  We had a human addicted to demon blood, and now we have a demon addicted to human blood.  I did always wonder what would happen if a human became addicted to angel blood…

In conclusion: Being put on hold is literally hell.  Nuking taquitos and nachos is totes as important as heavenly battles.  My headcanon tells me that Castiel took his name Steve from Captain America.  

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