Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Hart of Dixie 3x04" Help Me Make It Through the Night"

Original Air date: Oct. 28, 2013

It’s Halloween in Bluebell.  Lemon finds herself blacklisted from the Halloween Masquerade Ball, the top social event this week, in response to her anti-Belle antics last week.  In order to secure herself an invitation she is forced to call in Grandmother Betty Breeland “[she is] like the President but with power.”  Zoe disapproves of Joel’s new found friendship with Wade and tries steer him towards Lavon instead.  All while Wade is trying to hide from a very large very angry mountain named Randall. 

Annabeth goes in for her routine physical with Zoe.  During the exam Zoe discovers a small growth on one of her ovaries.  It could be nothing, but they need to get some tests done to make sure. Annabeth wants to have lots of children in her future and she worries that this growth will mean infertility.  Lavon has organized a special evening for the both of them with a surprise she’ll never forget.  Annabeth doesn't feel like she can accept Lavon’s suspected proposal knowing she may never have children.

Sidenote: This is where I hold my tongue on how much I hate this trope in media.  Anytime a man says “special surprise” the woman always thinks it’s a proposal, no matter what.  "We've only known each other for a week, but he said special surprise. HE MUST BE ASKING ME TO MARRY ME!" And then when the special surprised ends up being a doughnut the women throw their hands up in the air and are like “MEN! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?”  (By the way I’m being hyperbolic right here.) I just... can we please stop with the cliche that every woman thinks of marriage first and foremost.  Just seriously can we stop this?

So Zoe drags Joel away from the one man Frankenstein show in order to crash Annabeth and Lavon’s evening.  Which actually works to her advantage as she’s been trying to get Joel and Lavon together for awhile.  She’d much rather Joel quit hanging out with Wade in favor for Lavon. Which in the end the three of them go on a short roadtrip together.  I like Joel by the way.  He’s so cute and as he slowly adjusts to Bluebell and he gets so excited about the small things.  Don’t you devastate him Zoe Hart! Do you hear me?!

Last week I talked about how much I love Lemon.  I love how much she’s grown and just who she is.  This week it seems that Lemon is just beginning to realize just how much she's changed  She gets her invite to the Masquerade and her date is a total tool.  She finds herself leaving early with the handsome ‘flat tire guy’.  She’s not interested in the most eligible bachelors anymore.  They’re insufferable, they judge because of her bar or they're just boring.  She realizes she’s not the same snob anymore.  I hope we see ‘flat tire guy’ aka Peter again.  He was sweet, smart and he really liked Lemon for who he was.  Awwww.

Wade comes to terms with his lingering feelings for Zoe.  He’s been spiraling out of control (again), sleeping with unavailable women.  Which I’m not completely sure that we have seen the last of the repercussions of his recent hook ups.  He slept with the Judge's wife.  That can't bode well for him.

Favorite bits from the episode?

  • Joel being so excited to hang out with Wade. “He has a pickup truck! I've never been in a pickup truck!”
  • Lavon and Joel bonding over Game of Thrones and Night of the Living Dead
  • Everyone fending for themselves when Betty Breeland is involved.  Just throwing one person after another under the bus at the Masquerade Ball.
  • Wade and George having a bro-date. “Save a slow dance for me Tucker.”

In conclusion:  Brick is still hazing Zoe by making her count tongue depressors and cotton balls.  Betty Breeland wields real power.  George can’t say no to Wade.  Joel is finding himself lots of friends in Bluebell even if he wears that NYU shirt every day.  Night of the Living Dead on a 20 foot screen TOTALLY qualifies as a special surprise that you’d remember for the rest of your life.

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