Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eager to see the Tam siblings reunited on TV again?

According to The Hollywood Reporter Sean Maher will be joining the cast of The CW's Arrow for the 10th episode.

pic courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter
Maher is set to play the villainous Shrapnel.  Maher joins Summer Glau as the second actor from the Joss Whedon cult hit show Firefly.  Glau has a reoccurring guest spot playing Isabel Rochev, a woman very much interested in Queen Consolidated.

The duo previously played fugitive siblings River and Simon Tam in the short lived Sci-fi western, Firefly.  No word yet if the two will have any scenes together on Arrow, however.

To read more about Maher's part and the history behind Shrapnel be sure to read the full Hollywood Reporter article here.

The newest episode of Arrow airs tonight on the CW.  Don't miss it!

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