Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Sleepy Hollow 1x01 Pilot

Original Air Date: Sept. 16, 2013

Honestly, I hadn't intended on writing anything after watching Sleepy Hollow either, but there I was in the middle of the episode pressing pause so I could run and grab a notebook.

In the beginning I wasn't sure if I was going to be watching this show at all.  A friend was excited, but the promos didn't catch my attention I mean.  It sounded like something I'd come up with as I was falling asleep "no wait guys! What if my next story was present day Sleepy Hollow and like they came from the past?!?!? That would be the greatest story evar!" Then tumblr flipped for it today and I went ahead and sat down to watch what I'd recorded yesterday.

It took me exactly 5 minutes for me to fall in love.  (Sidenote: I loved that they opened and closed the show with Rolling Stone "Sympathy for the Devil").
In the beginning it was the relationship with the Sheriff and Mills which pulled me into the show.  In just a few minutes sitting at a table in a dinner and I was already caring for this characters and I was invested.

Excuse me one second while I go on a tangent about how much I love Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie).  She's smart (she got into Quantico y'all), she's driven (moving on to FBI guys), and she doesn't have time for people's bullshit, not even 250 year old bullshit.  Basically Beharie played this part so perfectly with all the right balance and I look forward to watching many more episodes of her opposite Tom Mison as Icabod Crane.  Speaking of Ichabod Crane let me just say I enjoy him so much too.  At first I felt hesitation with the standard 'guy from past can't figure out modern technologies' but Mison brought such life to the part that I didn't care.  I laughed so hard at the Starbucks gag "Is there a law?" that I actually had to pause my television otherwise I was going to miss everything that happened afterwards.

The moment they connected the Headless Horseman with the oncoming Apcalypse I knew I was along for the ride. I mean this show basically checked off so  many things I look for in a show. lol

Partners against all the forces of evils? Witches. Good vs. Evil. The Headless Horseman as Death, one of the Four Horseman of the Apcalypse? All of that with a cast that I am beginning to really love?  I feel an obsession coming on.  Sleepy Hollow may just be that next show that has me biting my nails every week.  I can't wait to see more episodes and I have high hopes for this show.  According to the grape vine a great number of people tuned in this week to watch the premiere and that bodes well for the future.  So here I am crossing my fingers that this pretty great start leads to a great series.

Oh and don't get me started and how much I am looking forward to a developing a Crane x Mills BrOtp.  I forsee it and I'm excited about it.  Now who can point me in the direction of that fluffy fic of Ichabod Crane ordering his first coffee at Starbucks?

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