Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review: Ripper Street 2x01 "Pure as the Driven"

Original Air date: Oct. 28, 2013

And we’re back.  It’s 1890 and we’re back on the streets of Whitechapel.  Detective Inspector Reid has taken to living in his office (I don’t think anyone is surprised).  The division is swamped and riots have become common morning occurrence.  Over in Chinatown Sgt. Maurice Linklater is thrown out a window and impales his leg on a fence.  Reid and his department set out to not only find the culprit but also why he would have been in that part of town.

Along the way they discover corruption in the K division.  Detective Inspector Jebedian Shine has started an illegal drug trade with his wife from Hong Kong.  A woman who goes by Blush Pang.  Together they plan on setting loose a new drug onto the streets, Heroine.  At the same time Blush’s brother has come from China to take her home.  He is a skilled fighter and able to punch a man clean off of his feet.  Destruction is left in his wake and he is the one behind Linklater’s fall.  After being confronted by Reid, Shine goes to visit Linklater and kills him so he is unable to witness against him.  He then places the guilt of the Sergeant’s death on Reid.

This was a good solid episode.  A few of the earlier episodes of season one, I confess, didn't always have my attention.  So far, I’m really happy to report that was not the case with this episode.  I'd like to also say I am not just saying that because Damien Molony joins the cast next week. 

Favorite bits from the episode:
  • The beginning scene.  Drake so calmly asking Reid to join him downstairs.  Reid politely asking for his billy club before they both join the brawl downstairs.
  • Jackson yelling “Reid again?” and just being generally annoyed.
  • Just Jackson and Reid and Drake.  I just really enjoy their chemistry.  
  • Sergeant Bennet Drake finding himself a wife who loves him.  He made me so sad last season, he was so lonely and was just looking for someone to love him.  I'm glad he found Bella. 

In conclusion: It’s good to be back and I'm looking forward to next week. 

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