Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: Arrow 2x03 "Broken Dolls"

Original Air Date: Oct. 23, 2013

If you watched last week (and I hope you did) it'd be hard to forget the cliff hanger the episode ended on.  How will Oliver get out of this one?! He’s surrounded by an entire police force with guns and he can only shoot one arrow at a time!  

Spoiler alert: The newest vigilante in town shows up and saves his ass.  She’s awesome, she’s badass, and she knows how to make a dramatic entrance.  I. Love. Her.

On this week’s episode of Arrow, Officer Lance comes face to face with a man he worked so hard to put in prison once before.  After the loss of his daughter, Sara, the first case that Lance worked on was Barton Mathis aka Dollmaker.  A sadistic murderer who kidnaps women and kills them by making them into life size dolls.  It was a case that took Lance to a very dark place and became his obsession.  

After the earthquake Mathis escaped prison and began killing again.  Because of his history with the case (and probably his recent demotion) Lance is ordered to stay away from the case.  Lance feels, however, that he's the only one who can catch him and calls upon the Hood for help.  Together they hatch a plan to catch the Dollmaker as quickly as possible.  Felicity volunteers to be bait after they discover the murderer is picking his victims by the type of expensive body lotion they use.  Not only are they not successful, but it leads to Mathis kidnapping both Lance and Laurel.  Oliver is able to arrive just in time to save them both.  The Black Canary also shows up and while Oliver is intent to bring the Dollmaker to the police, she has another idea and kills Mathis. 

Meanwhile, it comes to light that Moira could be facing the death penalty if convicted for her involvement with the earthquake.  Also, Oliver enlists the help of Roy to track down the new vigilante in town.  He’s anxious to discover everything about her, what she’s doing in Starling City, and if she can be trusted.   

Favorite bits of this episode?

  • Lance asking “how the hell she do that?” in regards to Felicity being so good at her job.  Not to mention Oliver's smirk because he's so proud of her and her awesome skills.
  • Roy pleading “Not my face! I have a disapproving girlfriend.”
  • Black Canary’s awesome entrance with the scarf to confront the Dollmaker.
  • Officer Lance calling him The Arrow instead of The Hood because it suits him better.
  • Laurel’s realization that her crusade against the Arrow was more about her own guilt over Tommy’s death.  And by favorite of course I mean most heartbreaking.  That was a rough moment for her, but I’m glad we got to see it.

In Conclusion: Felicity is still waiting for her reimbursement for the body lotion from Oliver and would like to send a thank you note to Black Canary.  All in all great episode.  I’m looking forward to seeing Black Canary’s story unfold and see where the show is going to take it.  

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