Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Supernatural 9x04 "Slumber Party"

Original Air date: Oct. 29, 2013

It’s the Winchesters of Oz.  I had fun, did y’all have fun? Charlie Bradbury episodes continue to be my favorite. I adored Felicia Day before Supernatural and now I just want Charlie every week.

The episode opens up in 1935 with the inaugural case at the brand new Men of Letters’ bunker. Dorothy, yup the one you’re thinking of, shows up with the Wicked Witch as her prisoner.  She needs a way to kill her and hopes that the “glorified librarians” can give her a hand. When the witch gets free Dorothy bravely casts a spell binding her and the witch forever and trapping them in a jar of goo.  A jar of goo that Dean accidentally knocks over as he and Sam are trying to hot-wire the Men of Letters’ supercomputer to track angels.  Charlie is there because neither of the boys actually know how to hot-wire the supercomputer to track the angels.

Once the goo leaks from the jar both Dorothy and the Wicked Witch are now awoken from their 75+ year slumber.  Everybody teams up to stop the witch from finding the Key to Oz.  The Key of Oz has the power to turn any door into a door to Oz.  The Witch intends to bring her armies from Oz into our world and cause havoc. Charlie and Dorothy team up and discover that the only way to kill the Wicked Witch is with the ruby red high heeled pumps slippers (kind of sad they weren't full of glitter tbh).  They carry magic from Oz so it totes makes sense. 

Favorite bits from the episode?

  • Every wonder what the Winchesters do when they want to relax and escape from it all? They watch Game of Thrones.  Because when you live like the Winchesters sometimes you just want to sit back and watch some fluffy comedy and Game of Thrones is nothing if it’s not that.
  • Dean’s “That’s my girl.” Charlie is such Dean’s little sister and I just love it.  I will admit that every time Charlie shows up I am terrified that she’s going to die.  I had a mini-panic attack at one point.  You know what scene I’m talking about.  I was having Jo flashbacks and I was not happy.
  • Dean just has a random box of things he thought looked cool in his room.  "I don’t know what this is, but I like.  I shall put it in my room and it shall be mine."  He is such a kid sometimes.
  • Crowley with the Wicked references.  Wanna take bets on what his favorite song is?  I’m guessing it’s "Popular". 
  • Sam’s “No place like home” at the end.  He had been saying earlier that he doesn't feel like the Batcave is his home, just where he works.  Dean remembers what it was like to live somewhere and feel safe.  Sam has tried that twice and both times his past came and found him.  Putting down roots doesn't end well for him.  I don't think there's anywhere that Sam can relax and call home because for Sam home isn't four walls, it’s driving in the impala with Dean.  Dean is his home.  So while I wish he’d move in and relax a bit, I understand his hesitancy. 
  • Charlie getting her chance at a magical adventure in Oz.  I’m sure a lot of us can relate to Charlie and her desire to find her quest.  I just hope this isn't the last time we see Charlie Bradbury.  By the way, I would pay serious money for a spin-off of Charlie and Dorothy’s adventures in Oz.  I’m not kidding.  Can we make this happen?  

In conclusion: Wearing a dead woman’s shoes is in fact tacky. You aren't a real hunter until you've died and been brought back.  Make sure to have a catch phase ready for when you have to smite any Wicked Witches.  And finally, always beware of grey goo.  

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