Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review: Supernatural 9x03 "I'm No Angel"

Original Air Date: Oct. 22, 2013

The spoilers for this episode were kind of like the spoilers heard around the world.  The spoilers that launched a thousand internet arguments. The spoilers that… well let’s just say they caused quite a stir.  All that before the episode and I have an incredibly strong feeling quite a few things that occurred in this episode (and a few afterwards) are going to be topics of discussion for a very long time. 

There’s a strong desire to just keyboard smash and call it a day.  I like can’t even think right now.

Castiel is human.  That was the main theme of tonight’s episode.  Castiel wanders as he figures out how to be human and all that entails.  He was afraid to trust anyone and so he took the name Clarence, the name Meg had given him.  (Oh, and by the way Dean? No one is buying that you have never seen It’s a Wonderful Life. No one).  Then even when he knew that angels were ruthlessly looking for him and even when he knows that there are no more angels in heaven, Cas is still drawn to churches.  Oh, Castiel you broke my heart this episode.  I just wanted to pick you up, take you home and wrap you up in a blanket.  Which is in fact what April did end up doing (PS. Shannon Lucio, damn girl I just saw you die twice last night. On two different shows). 

Speaking of which… I have to say, while I never really cared about the spoilers I am so beyond glad that she ended up being a reaper bounty hunter.  Just because, what woman picks up a strange man off of the street, takes him home, and then sleeps with him? (In my notes there is literally just ‘gurrrrrrrrrrrrrl?????’) It just makes better sense that she had ulterior motives, because otherwise that makes no sense and it would have been a flimsy excuse for the writers to have Cas get laid.

Now, let’s talk about how much I want to punch Ezekiel in the face.  First of all, he was way too eager for my liking to jump in and take the controls from Sam.  That worries me.  It worries me how he can threaten Dean with taking off to get what he wants.  It worries me anytime the city Detroit comes up.  For those of you who don’t remember you’re endverse, Detroit is where Sam had originally given in to Lucifer.  So anytime those boys come near Detroit, I worry. 

There are no words for how those last five minutes took me by surprise.  We have a happy little Castiel, who is in love with the Batcave.  Finally, he’s in a place where he feels safe and can sit and enjoy a burrito.  Then Zeke jumps in and makes Dean tell him he has to go.  He’s face.  I just can’t even…

Favorite bits from this episode:

  • “What sheep?
  • Dean and Sam arguing over the chemicals in Dean’s pie. “Do you even read the label?”
  • Dean ordering Castiel not to die again.
    “Never do that again!” “Alright.”
  • Happy Castiel asking for a burrito.

In Conclusion:  I think it’s time for Sam and Dean to play rock-paper-scissors for which ones gets to teach Castiel about safe sex (“I had my angel sword” Oh honey).  Also, I really want to punch Ezekiel in the face… have I mentioned that yet?

P.S. Shoutout to Jared’s crazy awesome acting this season.  He was switching back and forth between Sam and Ezekiel and like you just knew.  He’s face, he’s mannerisms, and his posture was changing in a second and it was awesome.  Four for you Jared. You go Jared.

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