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Review: Once Upon A Time 3x04 "Nasty Habits"

Original Air Date: Oct. 20, 2013

Wow. Okay, I’m not even sure where to start.  On one hand I want to talk about this week’s episode on the other hand… I just saw the promo for next week.  For starters: I confess. I AM A GIANT CAPTAIN SWAN CRAZY SHIPPER! AND I AM FREAKING OUT ABOUT NEXT WEEK!  There, you happy? Okay. Now that that’s out of the way let’s see if I can get my words out.

This show just recently came back into my life.  I started watching it with season 1, but when it went on winter hiatus I just never picked it back up.  That is until a week and a half ago.  Friends were still really into it and I won’t deny the gifsets of Killian Jones/Captain Hook (as played by Colin O’ Donoghue) played a small part in me deciding to do a 24 hour catch up marathon.  Once I caught up I chastised myself for ever falling behind in the first place. 

During this week’s episode we get another look into the complicated relationship between Rumplestilskin and his son Baelfire/Neal as they try to team up to save Henry from Peter Pan.  Which as much as I’m kind of over this particular storyline (seriously we've had a thousand of these flashbacks and they’re always the same thing.  “YOU ABANDONED ME FOR MAGIC!”), I’m glad that Rumple finally got to do something.  At the beginning of the season he left the group because he felt they were going to slow him down… well so far its four episodes in and he’s been roaming the jungle talking to himself.  So it was nice to finally see him do something.  Rumple and Neal are successful in finding and grabbing Henry with the help of squid ink to only fall prey to Peter… again.  So back to the drawing board for those two. Along with the added obstacle of Neal’s distrust of Rumple which inevitably leads to him being captured by Pan.

On the other side of the island, Emma and the rest of the gang begin thinking up an exit plan.  Nobody gets off the island without Pan’s say so and without a plan there’s no point in infiltrating the camp to only get trapped again (as demonstrated by Neal).  Hook leads the gang to Neal’s old hideout in search for clues.  There Emma discovers what is not a tiny colander or a nightlight (“Yes, because pre-teen Baelfire probably made lots of pasta” *snerk*), but is actually a star map home.  A map that no one except for Neal can read. 

In this episode we see Emma finally able to let out everything she’s been keeping inside of her since the supposed death of Neal.  She’s angry because she’s never stop loving him and when she finally discovered he loved her too, he died (at least to her knowledge).  Now, I like Neal. I really do. I feel like Emma and him need closure, but I don't ship them.  I've never been one for the "there's only one person for everyone" and I don't think its a good message for the show to promote.  That if Henry wishes for it hard enough his Mom and Dad are going to get back together and he'll have the "perfect" nuclear family the fairytales tell him is right.  So that's my little take on the SwanFire ship.  I think they had their go, they made Henry and that was awesome, but now its time for them to move on.  

We also get more back and forth with Hook and Charming.  Which I love bickering people who eventually come to respect one another in the end.  That right there hits my bromance button like no other.  Charming and Hook are so similar and so different that I love their opposition.  Charming is confiding in Hook and Hook is keeping his secret while urging him to be honest.  I love it.  They have the bickering down and now I can only hope the respect is soon to follow.

Side Note: This just came to me this very instant as I play the episode on repeat in the background...  If Hook saves Charming by sacrificing himself in some way I am finished.  Like so finished I’m not even kidding.  I want Hook’s redemption and I want him around to find a happy ending; regardless if that’s with Emma or not. No one on this show is as black and white as they claim to be and just because he’s been labeled “villain” doesn't mean he deserves anything less than the “heroes”.  PS. if you’re in the mood for a funny Captain Charming fanvid just click here.

Peter Pan was one of my favorite Disney movies as a child and I am eating this season up because of it.  Even in the movies where he was supposed to be the good guy he wasn't always a nice guy. So it isn't a crazy stretch for him to be the actual villain.  In this episode his true powers of manipulation and brain washing are evident as we start to see Henry slowly falling prey to them.  We can only hope that the gang is able to get to Henry in time.  We also get the reveal that everyone everywhere are actually playing Pan’s game.  The gang is playing checkers while he’s playing multi-level chess.

Another quick aside: it never fails to kill me that Emma and Mary Margret’s relationship has suffered from the broken curse.  They were such close friends and now that the truth is out Emma doesn't want to be around her anymore.  When she gets upset she runs away and constantly pushes back when Snow and Charming go to her.  I’m not blaming her, she has a perfectly good reason. It just still kills me. 

My favorite bits from the episode:
  • Emma having trouble saying Tinkerbelle’s name. 
“Yeah, I know. Still weird to say.”
“Tink’s fine.”
“Not sure that’s any better.”
  • Overprotective Pappa!Charming. 
Hook: “If someone would be kind enough to lend me a hand. What do you say Savior?”
Charming: “I’ll do it!”
*and followed directly by*
Hook: “You don’t look so hot mate.” 
Charming: “*mumble mumble* damn jungle and I’m plenty hot.”
  • Again followed directly by their standoff where Hook urges Charming to tell Snow and Emma about the dreamshade wound.  It's not just my favorite because with get Hook looking off into the distance pain in his eyes.
  • Anytime Hook looked at Emma or anytime they shared the same frame.
  • Regina.  Just anytime Regina said anything. 
One week is an awfully long time to wait for next week’s episode.  In case you have yet to see it here’s next week’s promo. The Captain Swan shipper in me is having a heart attack.

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