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5 Reasons Why I Love Season 2 of Revolution

I decided to write this because I know a lot people stopped watching Revolution half way through last season.  It had its plot holes and the story just wasn't the best and those damn muskets were ridiculous.  This season I have found it much improved.  Instead of writing a single review of a single episode I figured I’d compile all my favorite things so far.  

There will be spoilers for all aired episodes beyond this point! This is your spoiler warning! spoiler.

ETA: After events of 2x06: Dead Man Walking near half of this list is pending.  It may soon need be relabeled as "5 things I loved about the first 5 episodes of Revolution"

5) It's dirty. They finally threw some dirt at our actors.  I don’t know about you, but it was refreshing that they stopped pretending that in a world without electricity and running water our leads could still have perfectly styled hair.  I have both electricity and running water and I can tell you I've never had such beautiful flowing locks as Charlie had season 1. So there’s that.  For once I can fully buy into this dystopian future.  It may seem like a small and petty thing to get caught up on, but no really this was important to me.

4) Blood and Fireflies. I personally find this season's arc much more interesting.  I was never really that interested in why the lights went out and if they could turn them back on.  There really didn't need to be any more reason to it than “oops”.  Now that we know that the power is gone forever I feel like we can finally lean into this world and explore it with these characters. The militias may be gone, but there are still gangs and evil blood tribes and now we have the Patriots. There is so much more to explore in this crazy world that the lights were the least interesting bit about it.  Now we can finally see what that is since nobody is preoccupied with electricity anymore.  I'm not sure about everyone else but I'm also crazy curious about the Nanotech malfunction and Aaron's new superpowers.
I just want to see how that is going to tie into the story and what is going to happen because of it.  What does it mean and is that just the tip of the iceberg?

3) Sebastian Monroe. I love what they've done with his character this season.  Last year he was the over the top evil dictator.  I like my villains complicated and difficult to figure out (why I liked the Neville & Jason storylines last season).  He’s back and no one is sure if he can be trusted.  It’s a shaky and beautiful relationship.  Is this Monroe’s road back to redemption?  Are we leaving Monroe behind for Bass?

Has he realized the monster he was and is he sorry? Or is this just another trick of his? Is he only in it so he can get back on top?

Most of all… the assault on Charlie at the bar in 2x04. Was he just in the right place at the right time when Charlie needed him? Or?! Did he create it? Did Monroe know that in order to gain her trust that something big had to happen? You have to admit the timing is more than a little suspect.

2) Monroe and Miles (feat. Charlie).  We saw bits of it last season, but I don’t think we ever got the full force of it until late in the season.  If the show continues like it has so far I’m looking forward to it even more.  They’re two sides of the same coin.  They know each other in and out and that only makes it that much worse.  You can’t deny that in 2x05 that they both enjoyed having each other as backup again.  I mean look at how efficient they took out those Patriots. Also, still not over them shouting cities to each other and a very confused and annoyed Charlie.

Speaking of Charlie.  Charlie and Monroe are my newest twisted and inappropriate ship.  Don't forget the assumed impropriety everyone jumped too when they first saw Charlie with Monroe.

Miles: “I know you. You son of a bitch, what did you do to her?”
Monroe: “I didn't touch her.”
Charlie: “Hey, I wouldn't let him touch me.”

*and later*

Rachel: “You brought him here? Now why would you do that?” *Levels riffle at Monroe's head*

Charlie hates him so much but she’s also come to see his usefulness.  Monroe likewise has a habit of coveting what Miles has.  First it was his high school girlfriend, then it was Rachel, and now it’s Charlie.  He’s been a lot softer to her this season than before and I think so much of that is because of who she is to Miles.

1) The Patriots. Something that seems to be a theme in Kripke’s shows (besides deep emotional bonds between men) is the twisting of something that was supposed to be good and comforting into something evil and ominous.  In Supernatural it was angels.  Most think of angels as Precious Moments cherubs.  If you've watched Supernatural you know that is not the case.  They are dangerous and if ever the glass begins to shatter around you its time to paint some sigils in blood.

In Revolution, it’s the American flag.  Now, I’m not looking to start a political discussion here.  There’s a lot going on with our government right now (which from a media studies standpoint could be interesting to analyze the correlation between real life issues and the show) but this isn't the time and place to discuss it.  What I’m merely stating is that growing up in the United States you are taught that the American flag stands for justice and freedom.  In school everyday you stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance "for liberty and justice for all".  Before every sporting event you stand with your hand over your heart and sing the national anthem "land of the free and home of the brave".  It’s ingrained in our psyche from a very young age that when we look at the flag we feel safe.  In Season one of Revolution that flag was carried by the Rebels.  A group of people who were there to defeat the corrupt war lords and bring order back to the country re: The Good Guys.  Now? That flag stands for murder, danger, and brainwashing.

Like I mentioned before I like my complicated villains and I love the conspiracy of it all. Most of the people living in Revolutionverse have no reason to distrust the Patriots.  There's no reason for them to fear their occupation.  Which can only add complications for our characters as they try to expose and overthrow them.  There's a war coming and they are smack in the middle of it.

Who are the good guys and who are the real bad guys? No one knows, there's dissent even within the new US government.  Although, I’m pretty sure the ones with the reprogramming centers aren't the good guys, but that’s just a hunch.  It’s been a great season so far and I’m looking forward to checking out what else this show has in store for us.

Revolution airs on Wednesdays 8/7c on NBC.  I highly suggest tuning in because I am all over this season.

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